Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cookies & Cream Truffles and Cake Balls

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Oh heaven, truly bliss in a little bite!  Cookies and Cream Truffles!  You need to make these right now for your Valentine.  We call them Oreo Balls at my house, but really...Cookies and Cream Truffles sounds a little more upscale.  :)  Make them, make them, they are so easy!

You can also make Cake Balls to go along with them.  The name.  I know, I'm working on it.  Cake Truffles?  No.  Cake Bites?  No, that's just wrong. 

Here are the recipes.  Enjoy!

Cookies & Cream Truffles
1 pkg regular Oreos
1 (8 oz.) pkg cream cheese, softened
Melting chocolate--You can use candy melts.  I scored some huge packages of Ghirardelli melting/dipping chocolate at Sam's.  That's what I always use.  Use what you like, just something that melts smoothly and sets quickly, oh, and tastes good.  Use whatever kind of chocolate makes you happy-white chocolate, semi-sweet, etc.

Directions:  Put the Oreos in a food processor and pulse until they are very fine.  Dump the Oreo crumbs into a large bowl, add the softened cream cheese and stir, stir, stir.  At first, you'll think the cream cheese will never coat all the crumbs, just keep stirring and mashing the cream cheese.  It will all come together!  When that happens, roll the mixture into little 1" balls.  Place them on parchment paper.  Melt your chocolate and then dip the little balls.  I usually use a fork and tap it against the side of the bowl several times to remove the excess chocolate.  Place the dipped balls back on the parchment paper, drop sprinkles or nuts on the them, and then leave them alone for a few minutes so the chocolate can set up.  You're done!!!

Cake Balls
You need to:
1.  Bake a cake--I suggest using a mix here.  Don't hate.
2.  Cool the cake.  Dump it in a mixing bowl and add some frosting.  From a can.  Don't hate.  It's not nice.  Some folks use the whole can of frosting.  That's a little much for me, I maybe use a little over 1/2, maybe 2/3.  You just need enough to bind it all together.
3.  Mix the cake and the frosting together.  Roll the mixture into little 1" balls and dip them just like you would for the Cookies and Cream Truffles.  Sprinkle them with something to make 'em pretty.  Done!

Here is a link to Bakerella.  She has a fantastic post on Cake Balls.  Use whatever cake & frosting makes you happy.  



susankeiko246 said...

WOW! these are super easy to make! thank you for posting the recipes! making these tomorrow!

Marie @ Chocolate and Wine said...

I LOVE making truffles/cake balls and these look delicious AND beautiful! I recently made the oreo truffles and they were a hit! I also tend to read Buns in my Oven pretty much every day and I saw your guest post on it and loved that as well. I'm guest posting for her on March 2nd! Happy baking! I'm sure I'll be around your site more often =)

Brandy K said...

@Marie--Thank you! I'm heading over to check out your blog. Can't wait to see your guest post. :)

Megan said...

How adorable! I made oreo, or should I say, cookies and cream truffles for Christmas this year! Everyone gobbled them up! I love your v-day themed sprinkles :)

ytsejam said...

These oreo balls may be one of the best things ever. I just throw the cream cheese and oreos in the kitchen aid and put it on about 3-4 and in a minute or so, it is all crunched and mixed nice! They are a big hit, and no one realizes how easy they are to make,

Marelie said...

Hi, following you from This Week's Craving. I am Marelie from Oh I love your creations!

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